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NEED ADVICE on Postbacc (VCU biomed cert or Georgetown masters)

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by drbilla, May 19, 2014.

  1. drbilla


    May 19, 2014
    Hey Everyone,

    I have been on this forum many times, but this is the first time I have posted anything. I applied to various postbacc programs and got into a few of them, and narrowed it down to the VCU biomedical certificate program vs. Georgetown University Masters in Tumor Biology. I'm not sure which one would be better for a student in my situation. I had a low gpa in my undergrad thus I want to take grad courses to show that I can do the work. Both programs will have graduate courses, but the VCU program will have more med school like courses such as physiology, biochem, etc . The Georgetown program will have science courses such as Cancer Biochemistry, Cell Bio, etc. Does anyone know if the courses I take will be taken into consideration, or will they just see that I have taken grad level science courses and did well or not. Also, will having a masters rather than a certificate make me look more competitive or does that fact that I have taken grad classes only matter? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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