Need advice URGENTLY to know if am i ready?

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Oct 26, 2010
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Hey all,

My exam date is next week, and I am getting really nervous. I just wanted to know some opinions regarding my readiness for this exam.

I have studied for 3-4 months. and completed uworld qbank, FA & dit.

I have done 5 practise exams in order throughout my study.

nbme 6 - 194 - 6 wks ago
nbme 5 - 201 - 5 wks ago
nbme 4 - 207 - 4 wks ago
usmle free 138 - 80% correct (~230+) i dont believe this prediction. 3 wks ago

nbme 7 - 216 - most recently (oct 15)

I would like to know what y'all think. My exam is scheduled for next week. I can extend up to 2 more weeks, but i feel like by doing that I will ease up & relax. Also i've exhausted all the practise tests with the exception of nbme 1-3 (which everyone says are not representative).

Also I sort of dont know what to review in the last wk. so if anyone can provide insight into this as well.

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If you want to get in the 99% range, I think that 2 weeks is more than enough time to raise your score.

BUT, you have to focus on your weaknesses to make sure that are using that time effectively. Have you looked at the analysis of your strengths/weaknesses? If not, take a few minutes to study that because working on your weaknesses is the most efficient way to boost your score.

What worked for me during the last two weeks was to read FA as closely as possible while doing questions on topics that I was weaker in. In addition, in the last week, I found that going through micro/biochem was worthwhile as a lot of those details are easily forgotten. Hope this helps.