Need an ABVP Specialist in Exotics to extern with before I graduate. Anyone have any recs?

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Nov 3, 2022
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Doesn't matter if it's Avian, Reptile, Sm Mammal, Aquatics etc. Just has to be an ABVP (or ACZM) specialist. If anyone has any recommendations/externed with a boarded exotics place please let me know! I am struggling to find a location that isn't booked out. I am looking for one mid April. I don't need a major fancy famous location. I did try Stahl already, unfortunately the dates they had did not line up with my clinic schedules.

Feel free to DM me if you want!

Or if you have any information on how to accurately find ABVP people. The member finder on ABVP is not accurate.. I know there are people missing from their list.

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Honestly, starting with that list or googling ABVP veterinarians in locations you're willing to travel to is your best bet.

The chances of getting someone ACZM is going to be low; they're generally at locations booked multiple years out due to people wanting a letter of recommendation for internships and networking for residencies later down the line. I needed to book my externships about 1.5-2 years ahead of time for those folks.

Maybe @WildZoo might have a suggestion
Not much to add to what Bats already said. It's just going to be hard to schedule those things this close. I can't imagine there are too many people missing from the ABVP directory so that's where I would start.

Idk if they take externs but I know the exotics specialist at Piper Veterinary in Connecticut and he's wonderful. So there's a more specific option you could look into. Otherwise most of the people I've worked with are in academia or at zoos so probably not going to be useful for you this close to the dates you need.