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Need HELP and opinion!!! PLZ anyone

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by FirstU20, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. FirstU20

    Jun 6, 2008
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    I took my first MCATs on August 20, 2007, it went horrible. I made an 21M :( 6V 7P 8B. I didn't have much time to study and had to travel to london, and much I didnt take it seriously. So my question is, I am signed up for July 18th and was thinking about moving it to Aug 7th?

    I haven't studied much, but I still have 5.5 weeks till july 18th. I am also applying to texas and other state schools. I plan on completing my application and turned in by the end of this month with my old mcats. If I take it in july my scores will be out in aug 19th, and if i take it in aug 7th, then my scores will be released in sept 9th.

    Do you think, IF i studied my ass off for 5.5 weeks, I can do good? I am thinking of doing lots and lots of practice test and problem atleast 8 hrs a day. I know i can do it!!..or do u think I should move it to Aug 7th, and taking ht risk of turning the scores in sept? I will get 3 more weeks to study.

    I keep thinking that august tests are going to be really hard and brutal, through my experience and friends.

    If I plan to take the july 18th, do I have enough time, if so what should I focus on. I will start studying today, :(. I had to work and travel till today. So I am free now.

    Can you guys help me? I would really appreciate you help and understanding. Pardon my grammar and writing didnt have much time. Thanks alot.
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  3. Ebola Virus

    Nov 28, 2007
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    Medical Student
    From the score break down, I think that the hardest one to raise would be the verbal. The sciences you can raise easily, but verbal is much more of an art that you can achieve with practice (lots of it).
    What has your practice scores been like? Make sure you get the latest AAMC CBT exams and practice with those.
    Attack the areas/topics that you feel are your worst. For me it was optics in physics. I can't ever get all of those mirror/lens questions correct.
    Buy the EK 101 verbal and work on it. Even the ARCO verbal is ok if you need the extra practice. Work on that daily.
    I can't advise you on when to take it (as you already know what the pros/cons of taking in July vs. August). You have to use your practice scores to nail down how you're progressing.

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