Need help brainstorming a research & business plan for a new ME treatment


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Hi aspiring physicians,

I'm a former chiropractor turned skeptic who left the field out of discust for it's rampant quackery, disregard for patient safety (overutilization of spinal manipulations with attendant stroke) and very common expoitation of patients to sell lifetime palliative passive care, questional woo and promote an antivax, antipublic health message. :vomit: I posted here around 2002 to share info about systemic chiropractic woo. After leaving chiro I crossed over into neuromonitoring, attained CNIM and did satisfying surgical monitoring of the spine. I also trained in clinical data management and as a clinical research assocate and learned study methodology.

Then I contracted myalgic encophalomyelitis (aka chronic fatigue syndrome) after being coinfected with EBV and HHV6 and was disabled for 11 years with crushing fatigue, muscle pain and weakness on exertion, post exertional malaise, neuro symptoms (sensitivity to light and sound), neuralgia, dysphagia, over reactive bladder syndrome, cold skin, anxiety and depression. There are 1-2 million ME patients in the USA.

Medicine underfunds ME (NIH $15 million per year) and little progress has been made so there are no effective treatments and a lot of what the ME specialist MDs do is rightfully rejected as ineffective by the establishment (antivirals, immunoglobulin, woo antiviral supplement regimens and general tonic recommendations like treating yeast overgrowth or fasting regimens).

Seeking to make something worthwhile out of my condition and having some knowledge of medicine, I've been doing physician assisted self-experimenting for 11 years with different approaches and finally discovered something worth testing. It is based around the hypothesis that ME is caused by latent coinfection of multiple herpes viruses and bacteria (borrelia, rickettsia, toxoplasmodia) that secrete nagalase which, together with their anti-apototic effect, cause Nf-kb upregulation that inhibits Krebs cycle metabolism and creates high levels of inflammation throughout the body.

My approach has been to identify and test compounds shown by research to reverse the Nf-kb, allow the cells to complete apoptosis and reverse the process.

The approach utilizes a combination of post-isometric relaxation, myofascial and trigger point release, muscle stripping, standardized supplements, diet, medication to manage cytokine release and high repetition exercise.

I am getting amazing results personally with dramatic improvement of the above ME symptoms and functional gains, both physical and mental) going through the regimen. What really impressed me was the reversal of the muscle weakness and pain inhibition on activities of daily living (rising out of a seat, exercise tolerance). I also am getting an excellent reduction in neuralgia (neurontin reduced from 800mg to 300 mg dose TID) so it isn't placebo. I've done standard graded exercise and trigger point release with a competent OCS certified PT and never had results like this. I am very excited. :soexcited:

I see collaborating providers including physicians, physical therapists and medical massage providers.

I want to commercialize my method as well as test it clinically. Because it concerns blocked apoptosis it may be effective to help boost cancer treatment of some EBV/herpes virally infected patients. However, I would like to start with treating ME.

Regarding commercialization, potential sources of revenue include: supplement sales, therapy tools, exercise instructional videos, provider education and certification.

Given that there isn't a lot of funding available I need to bootstrap a business and clinical research plan. I am near Duke University and UNC hospitals who have active integrative medicine and research departments. Perhaps they want to collaborate but I don't want to give away the farm in terms of business share. Any ideas and suggestions?

Thank you for helping me plan this. Constructive criticism and ideas welcome.
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