Need help deciding between two job offers


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Aug 24, 2015
  1. Pharmacist
    Hey everyone,

    So last month, I was laid off by one of the big three chains after our store hours got cut. I now have two job offers and need some help making a decision.

    Job 1: Temp-to-hire (3 month) position for a call center (belonging to another one of the big three) doing adherence calls and the like. Monday-Friday mid-shift hours, no weekends or major holidays, 30 minute break and flexible time off. NO BENEFITS.

    Job 2: Float-to-staff at the third big chain. Work every other weekend, 13/14-hour days, you know the drill. Even though I've already been an rph for the first chain, my vacation time would start at nothing. But I would get benefits.

    Both jobs pay about the same and are the same distance from my home. If it matters, the first job is through a recruiting company, so I'd be their "employee."

    Please advise. :)
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