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Wow, you are lucky. I've always wanted to write my own letter of reccomendation, but unfortunately, was never able to find a letter writer who was willing to let me do it (never came up with a tactful way of asking "would you mind if I wrote this and you just signed it so that I can be sure that it's a strong letter?", but I kept hoping that someone would ask me to write it for myself). I know that one of my classmates asked the dean of student affairs to look over her letter that she wrote for herself for an attending, and he told her to make it "stronger"; I guess that she was being too modest in it. Anyways, here is a really good website from accepted.com. It's technically for med school applicants, but I think that the info offered is still applicable for residency applicants. Don't forget, there's no need to be modest, you're not the one who is talking yourself up!
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