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Jul 12, 2015
Hello, what are common questions that are usually asked for OMFS interview?

Thank you very much


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Dec 24, 2008
How much do you value sleep?

What's the longest you've gone without eating?

In a survival situation, your lone partner is injured and severely slowing your progress. Do you leave him/her behind, do you eat them, or do you pick them up and carry them?

A Sunday morning in the summer. You look at your Iphone8 screen, note the facebook feeder --- it's full of your classmates on their boats/at the beach/at resorts. You've just spent the last 72 hours on block weekend call draining pus and sowing up lacerations in the faces of the dredges of society. It's a beautiful day outside, but you just want to go sleep on the floor in the resident room. As you close facebook and lay down on a carpet that's wet with the tears of infinite sadness, your pager buzzes. Ms. Smith, a previous 3 am infection with a submandibular space infection who you admitted, says codeine makes her itch, and would like to have "dah-lawdid," as its the only thing that works on her. The buzz makes you realize you forgot to make her NPO last night/this morning, and your attending was planning to go to the OR. Your phone rings, its a text from your intern. He's lost in the basement and lost his rounds report sheets that you printed off in your name. Pager again: your free flap patient in the ICU just died, she had a DNR.

What do you do:
A. Cry
B. Laugh
C. Hope someone left some food in the minifridge.
D. Scroll through memes on your iphone
E. All of the above, same time.