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Feb 25, 2004
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I am thinking about ob/gyn but I would only go into it if I could do REI (reproductive edocrinology and infertility). I have good board scores and am an AMG. I was wondering if you guys know what places I could do a residency in that would ensure me (assuming I worked hard and did well in my residency) a fellowship in REI. Thank you in advance!

p.s-congrats to all those who matched!

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Sep 24, 2002
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There is no "guarantee" but if you want to have a good chance at a fellowship you may want to:

1. Go to a University Program (rather than Community)
2. Research out programs (via FREIDA, etc) that offer REI fellowships and shoot for residency in those places since your 4 years will basically end up being an audition
3. Stay with bigger name places as LOR from them will often bear a name well known to everyone in the field.

With that said, during residency you may find that you like or dislike certain fields...therefore it might be better to go into in with an open mind rather than 1 sole focus.

Good Luck!
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