Nov 24, 2009
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Hello guys,
I was wondering that a pharmacy school graduate who has intern license only a month to go for expiration....should she have her intern license in active status to be licensed as pharmacist(should go through all the examination procedure).I am been told that intern license will not be renewed after graduation from pharmacist school.

Meaning...can she take licensure exam and get licensed as RPH though intern license expires.

Help me out please!!!!


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Apr 6, 2009
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I am currently licensed in Michigan after completing 2 yrs of residency, moving to Texas for my third year/additional training and need to have license for moonlighting to support my family. Does any one know if you can get full license in Texas with 2 yrs of training and active practice for 1-2 yrs or does all the IMGs regardless of their practice status have to have 3 yrs of training in order to get license?

Also if permanent license is not an option, can I get provisional license? does any one know the requirements?State medical board website does not specify any Post graduate training requirements plus tried to call the board and the answering person does not know about it.

does any one know of any licensing services for Texas medical boards?

Your inputs are greatly appreciated.
Thank You.


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Feb 2, 2009
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Deepsea: You should read the requirements for applying for CA pharmacist licensure. These are on the first few pages of the pharmacist application packet which you can get from the CA board of pharmacy website. If I remember correctly, having a CA intern license is not a requirement to take the NAPLEX or CPJE. This makes sense because ppl from out of state can apply for CA licensure without having a CA intern license.
Apr 26, 2010
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i need help to apply for fpgee/naplex exam i dont know how to apply for it and where as i m in NYC living
now 6 months i m asking people and nothing new so they told me about this site
i got my diplome in "master of science in pharmacy" from russia 2007
so please if anyone know how to apply for it and where tell me
i hope to get information
thank you a lot :)
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