Need Help with Informal Post-Bacc Grades on AMCAS-- A Tale of Three Transcripts

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Mar 30, 2009
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Hi everyone. I've combed through SDN and the AMCAS guide and can't seem to find the answer to my uniquely puzzling transcript situation. I appreciate any advice you might be able to provide!

I completed an informal post-baccalaureate at two different schools: my alma mater and a community college. However, I have three different transcripts that reflect this coursework:

  • Transcript A is from my alma mater where I did my undergraduate. It includes all my undergraduate coursework, as well as two summer post-bacc classes. This is because at the school, summer post-bacc classes are listed under the main campus transcript.
  • Transcript B is from my alma mater's Open Campus/Extension department. It includes the majority of my post-bacc classes.
  • Transcript C is from the community college.

My questions:
  1. Do I need to order two identical copies of Transcript A to represent my undergraduate and *part of* my post-bacc coursework, respectively? Or will one copy suffice?
  2. If ordering one copy of Transcript A is alright, under "date attended", would I list the date ranging from the beginning of my undergraduate to the date of the last summer post-bacc class listed?


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Aug 7, 2019
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You just need one and yes to number 2