Apr 20, 2013
So I am planning to take the MCAT at the end of January 2016. Currently I'm taking a full course load, but wanted to spread out my studying time from September to December to an hour each day (more on the weekends) and then dedicate my entire 5 week winter break to just studying. Do you guys think this will be effective and enough time?

Also, I am lost as to which materials I should get and which are the best for studying. Thanks!
Jul 5, 2014
On the same boat. I am trying to map out my study plan as well. I have a bunch of prep materials but I am just lost on how to go about studying and which books to use for content review. So far I decided on using the EK 2015 set for the content review, since its concise and I will be in taking a full course load in fall. I will also use TPR's 2015 CARS and Psych & Socio books. I am definitely going to use TBR and EK 1001 for passages as well as the TPRH for passages as well. The main goal is to practice as much as possible because reviewing the practice problems is a content review in itself.


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Jun 17, 2015
Bodymore Murdaland
Other Health Professions Student
Start with a diagnostic full length to see where you stand. If you're confident with the material and only need a brief refresher, EK books might be for you. Their content review is comprehensive, but brief. If you need more in-depth instruction, try TBR or PR.