Feb 6, 2018
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Hi guys, I'm just beginning the medical application cycle and need advice on what school I should be applying to. Any help would be very much appreciated! I'm a current senior ORM attending a large public school in CA. Cumulative GPA: 3.99.

MCAT Score: 521 (131/129/130/131)
Research: Did research in one lab for almost 4 years. 1 mid author publication (maybe 2), 4 poster presentations and 2 talks, 2 school grants, published in the school journal. Probably around 2000 hours
Volunteering (clinical): around 200 hours as a patient coordinator at a clinic, 200 hours at hospice Physician shadowing: split between pediatrics, anesthesiologist and cardiologist about 100 hours
Non-clinical volunteering: tutoring disadvantaged kids -100 hours, worked with Alzheimer's patients -200 hours (definitely favorite experience-- older people are very funny), worked in another hospice (drawing super cute cards and dropping them off) -100 hours, needle exchange -100 hours
Other: do have a partial scholarship and Phi Beta Kappa (I don't know if this even makes a difference)
Employment history: Worked part-time as a MA at a private practice (internal medicine) clinic - 800 hours


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Sep 7, 2016
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I've had similar stats and your clinical ec's sound much better than mine so I'd say apply to any school you want

Pretty much all your state schools and any of the top schools you're interested in.
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