Mar 19, 2010
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Any help would be much appreciated, because I'm having a hard time finding the answers by myself. I applied to graduate school and am currently deciding between two schools; University of Texas in San Antonio and Houston Baptist University. Both schools offer an LPC, however UTSA offers a MA in Counseling, and HBU offers a MA in Psychology. Now what I plan to do is become a child psychologist (with just a Master's degree for now) and would want to work in a hospital. Furthermore, I looked at the classes that are offered, and UTSA provides a couple of classes regarding children.

My two questions that I need help in is:

1. Which degree title is more marketable?
2. Which graduate school degree is better or marketable?

Thank you!


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Apr 6, 2007
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Then you will not be a "child psychologist." Psycholgist is a legally protected term that can only be used by those with doctorates in clinical, counseling, or school psychology..... so be careful about how you reffer to yourself or present yourself to others, as it can get you into alot of legal hot water.
Dec 25, 2009
erg923 is correct about the title "psychologist", only those with a PhD get this title. However, this does not mean that you cannot work with children in a hospital setting in various capacities. Usually a master's-level person will be supervised by a psychologist.

Check for the LPC requirements in the state you plan to live in. Make sure that the degree you are working towards meets the requirements for licensure. If both degrees will get you the license, consider those focused classes you wrote about. If you intend to work with children, you will benefit from these classes.


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Mar 2, 2010
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The two responses above are pretty much correct. However what's important is what your state license will classify you as. For example, in Michigan those who have a master's in psychology CAN be classified as a limited licensed psychologist (which I am). However, I cannot call myself as "clinical psychologist" as this title is reserved for those who have a doctorate and fully licensed.

Bottom line, you have to go by what your state license board classifies you as. So if you have or get an LPC, that would mean you are a professional counselor in the state you work and practice in.