need hlep: Amberton U, and/or general MBA advice.

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    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to get some opinions and / or advices those of you in the know. I'm an RN in clinical and aministrative field. I work for one of the national (well-known) insurance brands in case management. My employer will pay for the MBA (at least partially). I went to Carib med school few yrs ago, but did not continue mostly due to problems with personal health. To make a long story short I will be matriculating to U.S med school in 2009. Before that I'd like to use time wisely. Educating myself in economics, and getting an MBA has been my craving on which I never really followed up. Well, time to change it. But I'm clueless on ranking system etc. Though being in health care field for almost 2 decades it's highly unlikely that I'd enter strctly the world of business. One of my friends with NYU business school background suggested Amberton University of TX ( It's dirt-cheap ($675 per 3 hour credit) compare to other legit MBA programs Of course, I'm in NY so we're talking an online program. But it's a real University with campus and so on. So it won't look like UOF or some other online stuff.
    Could You please advice...Good, bad or the ugly idea? If not Amberton what other place would be a good fit for me? Again, I imntend to stay in the health field(s), and am really on a budget, with wife and kids, and in my late 30s.

    Thanks all very much.
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    There are many schools that offer an MBA online. If you think you're seriously interested in pursuing such a school, go with one that is AACSB accredited

    Each year, more and more schools offer an online MBA. Some require some on-campus time while others can be done 100% online.

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