Need locations of paramedic certification in IL (Chicago)


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Dec 4, 2008
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So I got my EMT-B license in IL in October... and I enjoy working on the weekends for a local ambulance company. I'm graduating with a BS in chemistry this year... a year early, 3.8 GPA, 30O mcat. And I have gotten zero med school interviews so far. Just one rejection from the 11 schools I sent secondaries to. The rest haven't said squat to me, and I'm getting restless.

So what do I want to do with that year I may be taking off against my will? Well I want to get my paramedic license. Then I can still be bitter at the system, but at least I can work towards eventually getting to be a doctor. They like it that you do something with that year anyway.

I figure I'll enjoy furthering the alternative career opportunity (for when they reject me next year too :D) and bolstering my credentials... unless I chance upon saving a poor third-world child from certain doom and raising it on my own... or something. Since that's what they expect in the medical essays, it seems. Loving what you do isn't good enough anymore I guess. :rolleyes:

Anyway, finding a list of all the certification programs near Chicago is next to impossible. I've been googling it for half an hour ...before I thought to ask here. I found the IDPH website, no luck. I found a website that claims all these programs exist at local community colleges (Westwood, Lincoln Tech, Malcolm X), but largely no information on program dates or cost or stuff like that (except Malcolm X).

Someone lay some wisdom on me.

(p.s. I posted this on the EMS forums too but I figure some people may not even know those exist- I didn't until about 10 min ago)
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