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Feb 12, 2007
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I am a post-bacc finishing the last of the reqs in May, so far my sci GPA is a 3.6, my undergrad GPA was a 3.95. I took the August MCAT (very early without any orgo, physics 2, or bio 1) and got a 9 bio 8 physics 11 verbal. My applications were completed on the later side due to a sluggish pre-med committee at my post-bac program. I have had 1 interview that I thought went very well, and have yet to hear from them. I also have heard nothing from most of the other schools I applied to. I have the definite option of St. George's via a doctor I know on the Adcom. If I don't get into any of my schools, should I go to St. George's and not have to wait another year, or should I consider retaking the MCAT, with all the classes now completed, and reapplying much earlier?


well this depends on whether you're ok with going to a foreign medical school (at least i think st george's is classified as such). if you're ok with it, go to st. george's and move on with your life. if location, residency opportunities, etc matter, apply again next year. you should still have the st george's option then right?

the reason i say this is because with your current courses, you should do much better on your MCAT. both of your GPAs are in the desirable range so bumping the MCAT up will help you considerably. so if it's fine with you to wait another year, i'd do it since you look like you're in a good position.
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