Need Opinions on Masters Program!!! Weigh in your opinion please!

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Which masters do you think is better?

  • RWJMS Masters in Biomedical Sciences

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  • NJMS Masters in Biomedical Sciences

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Mar 20, 2014
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Hi everyone! Your help is needed!

Im deciding between doing a Masters at Robert Wood John Medical School(RWJMS) or a Masters at New Jersey Medical School (NJMS).

I want your opinions in which program you think is better for me to do. This is during my gap year, so I will be applying this summer and interviewing during the masters.

The RWJMS Masters in Biomedical Sciences has the following curriculum:

Semester I
Fall Core Courses

Pharmacotherapeutics (3 cr) MSBS 5045S
Physiological Basis of Disease (3 cr) MSBS 5025S
Cellular Structure and Function (3 cr) MSBS 5065S
Capstone Project* (3 cr) MBS 5040S
Masters Thesis Research** (3cr) MSBS 5000S
Fall Electives
Humanism and Medicine (2 cr) MSBS 5015S
Primer on Global Health (2 cr) MSBS 5080S
Regenerative Medicine (2 cr) MSBS 5085S
-omic Approaches & Disease (2 cr) MSBS 5090S
Clinical Drug Development (2 cr) MSBS 5120S

Semester II
Spring Core Courses

Gross Anatomy (4 cr) MSBS 5010S
Microbiology & Immunology (3 cr) MSBS 5055S
Medical Biochemistry (3 cr) MSBS 5020S
Capstone Project* (3 cr) MBS 5041S
Masters Thesis Research** (3cr) MSBS 5000S
Spring Electives
Behavioral Science (3 cr) MSBS 5070S
Embryology (3 cr) MSBS 5075S
Environmental Health (3 cr) MSBS 5050S
Neuroscience (3 cr) MSBS 5060S
Topics in Biomedical Ethics (3 cr) MSBS 5130S
Clinical Pharmacology Small Group (3 cr) PHAR 5620S

The NJMS program allows you to choose your own classes, but my schedule would look like the following:

Semester 1
Molecular and Genetic Medicine (6 cr) [ Take Biochem self exam at the end of this; class is taken with NJMS med students]
Genes and Molecules in Medicine (6 cr)
Pharmacology (3 cr) [ or another elective]

Semester 2
Regional Gross Anatomy: Back and Extremities (3 cr)
Medical Neuroscience ( 4cr)
Medical Physiology (5 cr)
- Microbes and Infectious Disease
- Cellular Biology
- Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

What do you guys see are the pros and cons in the two different programs?

Your help is very appreciated!

PS. If anyone knows the difference between the research at RWJMS and NJMS please let me know, because that can affect decision in which to choose as I am considering doing the masters thesis.



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Feb 4, 2012
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i did mine at UMDNJ (which became rutgers biomedical, which is the program you'd you be) - really regretted the decision. it's in a really bad area, and i was born and did my undergrad in inner-city schools, but newark is its own beast... i suggest taking graduate level classes at whatever university you're at now or one near home, which i'm doing now afterwards. PM me if you want more details.
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what are your premed stats?
what are the costs of the schools?


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Jan 31, 2015
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^Above. Your premed states will determine at NJMS if you can take classes with the med students or not. And it's competitive to take those classes. You have to prove to the adviser based on your pass performance that you can handle taking a hard science and pull at least a B+.