need some good advice as to which subjects are easy to go as far as scoring is consid

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Mar 10, 2004
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hello ,
all the members of this message board for sdn,
it would be kind enough if anyone could update me with the correct procedure for taking part 1 and time and technique to study for it.what is really good few of the topics that really bother me.
1]biochemistry [time and books reffered and way to score good in specific chapters like acid base equilibriumand buffer problems of reprints and classification of amino acids] :)
2]dental anatomy[ occlusion questions and related to occlusionand specificallyrelated to those found in reprints with diagram]
3]method to score more in anatomy and extent to study it which is the best technique to do it for central nervous system and cardiovascular system and related to cranial nerves.
i know it sounds crazy when you read this but if someone has any answers to my questions it would be a great help coz these things really bother me and i work and study so it is really not very easy for me to do everything without correct technique.
i am planning to take it within 2mnths and 15 days so that time is all what i have.
pls forward me the name some books if you guys have for the above related problems.
and also i am reading kaplans and decks and reprints and if anyone can update me as which is the new reprint avaialable with ada as i have the latest 98 dec papaer that is the latest i have.
thanks guys.
looking forward for some peice of advice