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Lonely Sol

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Dec 13, 2005
Atlanta, GA
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Hey, I am just a little confused on how to go about studying for RC. ALso, does anyone have any good techniques that might work for this section. I am just a little stressed about this section. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Sep 4, 2006
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when i took the kaplan practice test at the school i went in without a strategy. so i mixed trying to read the whole thing with answer hunting. it didn't work out to well, i got an 18. then on topscore, i went straight up with answer hunting. it worked out a little better, i got a 21. comprehension goes down when you're reading under pressure so i just went straight up with answer searching. i think i got a higher score on topscore cause im so used to reading off the computer screen by seeing so many of my friends blogs:laugh: practice reading scientific papers on the internet or something. every once in a while a question can be answered based on knowledge alone and not throught the paper. like a question on topscore asked about the rule of a certain type of cell and i already knew it. once again, everyone is different and its hit or miss. good luck!
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