Needed Postgraduation information ASAP


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Aug 16, 2004
    To anyone who can help me,
    I have just completed my MBBS degree from KMC, Manipal, India. Can someone please tell me what are the prospects of getting into UK for further studies after taking the PLAB. And also is it true that if you study postgraduation in the UK, it's hard to move out of UK and find a job?


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    Aug 5, 2003
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      As a non-EU citizen and foreign trained grad you will find it very difficult/impossible to get a job in the UK. Rules changed a few years ago about this saying no-one from outside the EU could really get a job unless they couldn't find someone from in the EU. Things changed again recently to say that if you were from outside the EU but went to med school here you could get a job. Unfortunately none of this will help you, America or Australia or somehwere like that would be a better bet.
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