PhD/PsyD Needing Guidance on Next Steps - Second MA or PhD/PsyD

Aug 13, 2015
Other Health Professions Student

I am really in need of some guidance! I am based in Europe so my question does not at all relate to anything involving the USA or what requirements one needs there.

I have my BA in Psychology, my MA in Counselling and two years of counselling experience. I am located in Switzerland and plan on remaining within Europe (although I am flexible).

I would like to become a psychologist because it will open more doors for me than counselling will. Since I already have one master's degree, the idea of doing a second in psychology feels daunting, especially since I am interested in one day doing a PhD or PsyD.

I am interested in working with children, adolescents and young adults and, in spite of knowing this is a medical forum and this may seem too airy fairy, am becoming increasingly interested in expressive arts therapy and its application in a clinical setting.

I am struggling with a few different things here:

1. I don't know how likely it will be that I will get into a PhD or PsyD programme. I am in the British Psychological Society thanks to my undergraduate degree, meaning I could apply for a doctorate in psychology in spite of my counselling master's. Meanwhile, these programmes, especially PsyDs, are notoriously competitive, I only have 2 years of work experience and the UK is far from my first choice. Does anyone have more information on these programmes in Europe?

2. I wonder if, at this stage in my life, it makes more sense to transfer any credits I can from my master's and put it towards a second master's in psychology even though this idea feels so frustrating. Do you think this makes sense?

3. I feel so lost in it all that I don't even know how to navigate through European universities for English programmes, might anyone know anything about this?

Thank you so much in advance for any thoughts or ideas you have to share on this!
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