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Hi everyone,

I have been reading a lot of the posts concerning this topic and I wanted to get some feedback on which area would fit my personality best. I am a first year medical student and have done some book research on all three of these specialties but have not had the opportunity(nor the time) to shadow docs to find out the 'nitty gritty'. Here is what I am looking for in a speciality:

1) Want to help kids with critical illnesses, couldn't handle a primary care setting.
2) Want to do lots of procedures
3) Want to minimize the amount of research I have to do - less is better
4) Would like to have a 'lifestyle' specialty since I have 3 kids under the age of 5(I know ER fits this description but I'm hoping the other two could possibly be 'lifestyle' areas too)
6) Decent money - quit a good paying job to become a doctor so my wife would kill me if I pulled in a general peds salary.

I know all of these specialties hit some of this criteria but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on which one would be the best fit based on the criteria above. All of these factors are equally important. Any insight on these specialties would be GREATLY appreciated. I just want to know how they fit into my criteria...I already know the paths that it takes to get to each one. Thank you!

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