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Nervous about the possibility of acceptance to California Schools..


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Feb 10, 2020
  1. Pre-Optometry
    Hello, after studying for the OAT this summer and taking it, I plan on applying to SCCO, Western, and SUNY in September.
    I'm studying with the Kaplan OAT book and Chad's videos so I hope to do well/ above a 300.

    However, I have a UC (University of California) gpa of 3.1 and I believe my prerequisite GPA is 3.0, so I know I'm not a great position :( but I know the school I am attending has an influence on the value of my GPA.

    I've interned at an optometry office for half a year, and just started working as an optician.
    I've worked as a nursing assistant in a skilled nursing facility before as well as a laboratory assistant at my UC's school of pharmacy.

    I will also have a Letter of Rec from an optometrist as well as from one of my laboratory professors.

    I was wondering what my chances are? I really would like to attend SCCO, but I want to know my prospects.

    Thank you for your time!


      SCCO’s minimum required OAT score is 320 to be extended an interview, so your chances are looking slim if you don’t achieve at least 320. Your GPA is probably fine if your OAT is well above 320 (aim for 350 or above if you can). If your OAT can “wow” admissions enough that your GPA doesn’t make sense, you’ll probably get an interview.

      SCCO doesn’t require any letters of recommendation so I don’t know if they actually read what is submitted through OptomCAS, but Western and SUNY require 3 letters anyway. What you DO need for SCCO specifically are an updated resume and a headshot photo submitted through OptomCAS.

      SCCO’s interview is closed file so you won’t be asked about your grades. The interviewer will read through your entire OptomCAS application (transcripts, personal statement, resume) some time before interview day, but it will not be in front of them during the actual interview. Your resume will be the only thing in front of the interviewer. I can’t say for Western or SUNY since I didn’t apply.
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      May 15, 2019
      1. Pre-Optometry
        I recommend scrolling through the Class of 20XX post that you see here. Compare the stats of what they gotten and see if they were extended an interview or even accepted. Doing so, you probably have an idea of what ballpark you need to be in.
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