Netter's flash cards helpful?

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Oct 15, 2001
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Hey guys...I'm just wondering if anyone used flash cards to study anatomy and if so, were they helpful or a waste of money/time?


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Jan 18, 2001
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It depends on how cheap they are. I like to use flash cards to study, but I sort of use my own. I really learn a lot just making them.

Instead of making them on paper, I make "virtual" flashcards on the computer. You can either find some flash card software (often freeware or cheap shareware) or just use something like an Excel spreadsheet.

Here's how I use Excel. In one column I have some term such as Insertion of Rhomboid Minor and in another column I put the answer, however, the text color is white. In that way, only when I select the answer cell does the answer appear. Once I put in all the terms and answers (which by the way can also include pictures/drawings that I have scanned in) for a particular area that I'm studying I also have a column in which I put a random number (Excel formula =RAND() ) so that I can sort the list randomly and go through them many times but never the same way twice. I also have one column that is a category (such as MUSCLES or DERIVATIVE GERM LAYER) so that I can sort by that as well if I just want to study one particular area.

This helps me out because I really am learning a lot as I prepare the spreadsheet, and then continually add to it as the course goes on. It seems to work well for Gross, Embryology, and Histology. Also, I can then e-mail the spreadsheet to my classmates to help them out if they want it. Let me know if you want me to e-mail you a copy of one that I have setup for my Gross and Developmental Anatomy class so far.


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Mar 25, 2002
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Stuff I've heard:

Other that time spent in the lab, time spent with Netter's is high quality training for practicals. The flash card format is very much like the practical format that's commonly given in examinations. Netter's pics + flash cards = high impact study tool.

Seriously, though, group study with cadavers and mock practicals with pimping sessions [innervation, blood supply, etc.] is the highest impact study I know of.


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Cadaver study >>> book study, especially in groups




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Apr 24, 2002
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mpp--great idea!

I use study cards a lot, but anatomy ones are tough to make well so I did buy Netter's cards. They are quite good IMO. I'll probably use mpp's idea too, though.