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    You don't need either a textbook or a fellowship for neuroanesthesia. 90+% is ortho with an a-line (actually the ortho patients tend to be older and sicker).

    The fact that you are doing it as a CA-1 speaks volumes.

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    Jul 15, 2014
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      Agree with everything said above, +/- Mannitol, depending on the case. IMHO, the biggest pain in the arse with the crani room is turning over and moving everything to the other side of the room when the surgeon changes sides.


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      Jan 12, 2013
        I would use more basic books like "The Anesthesia Guide" by Mcgraw hill. Excellent resource for neuranesthesia for residents: goes over how to setup the room, what intraop events to watch out for, basic physiology, and PACU issues. Start there and then go to the textbooks.
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