Neurology elective help...Melbourne?

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Apr 6, 2011
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Hi there
I'm a UK medical student currently trying to organise my elective for March/April 2012 in Australia. I'm keen to do it in Neurology and was just wondering if anyone could recommend/suggest places to apply to as I'm pretty clueless right now - never been to Australia before. I did really fancy going to Melbourne but it looks like the Royal Melbourne Hospital is not actually accepting elective applications for 2012 :(
Thank for any help you can offer me!

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Melbourne is more than the Royal Melbourne!!
Try looking at the following hospitals, they are all large and all have a neurology department
The Alfred, The Austin, Monash Medical Centre, St. Vincent's Hospital
They are also affiliated with either Monash Medical School or Melbourne University Medical School (the 2 BIG ones in Victoria) and so will have some experience in helping and handling students.

moredecai is exactly right.

Also, what areas of neuro are you interested in? If epilepsy is your thing, I'd definitely recommend the Austin hospital which is in the suburb of heidelberg. Possibly the biggest epilepsy unit in melb with something like 5 dedicated video-eeg rooms, as well as the only epilepsy neurosurgery service in vic if im correct. Also, since it is 20minutes from the city accomodation is much cheaper- i believe they offer on-site accommodation for only $70 a week, not sure if the others do. The alfred is known to be an awesome trauma hospital, so consider it if neuro-icu is your preferred area. All the hospitals will have plenty of strokes!