Jun 8, 2013
How much knowledge of the nervous system do NR have to know as compared to neurologist or neurosurgeons? Also what is the lifestyle like for NR?
Dec 9, 2011
You'd better first finish the next 2 years of your college and apply for medical school. Then you will have enough time to ask about NR lifestyle.


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Aug 24, 2004
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Not sure why it got so chippy in here, but I think the reason is that your question is rather vague. Neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists know different but often overlapping things. Neuroradiologists know radiologic anatomy and the common and uncommon appearances of most neurologic disease processes the best. They are the experts at image acquisition and are almost always in charge of the nuts and bolts of neuroimaging. Neurosurgeons are some of the best non-radiologists when it comes to imaging knowledge but have a lot more knowledge of nervous system anatomy since they...you know...cut things open and muck around with stuff; note that this doesn't necessarily translate to relevant radiologic anatomy, since tons of stuff you can see with an open surgical field and a microscope doesn't show up on MR/CT. Neurologists are the experts at the neurologic exam, know non-operative neurologic disease processes and treatments the best and are often quite good at bread and butter image interpretation.

These are, of course, huge generalizations, and are not always true.