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Sep 13, 2014
Medical Student
Hi! I just decided to pursue med school. I graduated college four years ago at age 30, and had already completed all my prerequisites and a ton of upper-level science courses, but skipped the MCAT and decided just to go back to work because it felt too overwhelming financially. Four years later, I'm married with an infant, and I've decided I'm going for it after all! I was going to pursue a post-bacc since most of my prereqs are now 7-8 years old, but someone on OPM recommended just taking an upper-level science course or two to show that I still have it, and I think that's the best tactic for me. My question is two-fold: what should I take? I've already taken cell bio, microbio, pharmacology I & II (with lab), biochem I & II, cancer bio, physical chem, and an upper level physics course that I miraculously aced mostly through sheer luck and plenty of time at office hours, so any more physics is out of the question for me. I know genetics would be a perfect class, but what else?

The second part of my question is whether anyone knows where I can take genetics and any other upper-level science course during evenings or weekends, as a visiting, non-matriculating post-bacc student. I'm the primary provider in my household, and my work schedule is flexible. I live and work in Morris County and would prefer not to have to drive all the way to Rutgers for a class. If anyone has advice, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.