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    Now that it's getting close to Halloween, we're running a contest to hear your scariest stories! These can be scary stories that you've experienced or stories that you've heard and the story with the most reactions will win!


new house - all watch!

this show is awesome. well...i like it because house's style is like mine: subtly insulting, overly sarcastic.

also crazy cav, how are you only a genin-level. you should be at least chuunin by now.
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Mar 20, 2005
    crazy_cavalier said:
    ooo that was a good episode! I wont say anything for the sake of our california friends :)

    time to return to matlab for more pde modeling fun... :cool:

    Meh, I wasn't too too impressed. I'll wait until the east coast finishes in order to submit my response.
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