new residency slots opening up

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Jan 22, 2010
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Looks like that bill has been introduced to congress a few other times by the same people and killed before general debate everytime.

Specifically, it never made it past committee in 2007 AND in 2009. Now there's a 2011 version, lol.

"Residency? What's that?"
"It's something that doctors need after medical school and we pay $200k/year per doctor for?"
"Wtf they already have med school what do they need MORE education for?"



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Nov 11, 2008
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the key words there are "this legislation would be". it's not yet, and it likely won't be.

here's an article from NEJM today that says:
"Given the current concern over the federal deficit, the likelihood that Congress will remove the cap on Medicare's GME support is nil. Indeed, holding on to existing GME support may be the best outcome medical educators can hope to achieve."

and it's not just about the money:
"Florida stands out as a state with four new medical schools but very little activity under way to increase its number of GME positions, despite ranking 43rd in the number of these posts per capita. In an interview, Dr. Michael Whitcomb, a former senior vice president of the Association of American Medical Colleges, said that a number of factors have prevented Florida from expanding its GME capacity — financing being only one. "Another is that of community hospitals with the resources to create GME programs, very few are interested in doing so, in part because their medical staffs prefer taking care of patients without the added responsibility of teaching," he said. In New York State, a survey of nonteaching hospitals with at least 70 beds showed that 58.3% were reluctant to develop GME programs with or without new funding because of the challenges they present."