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    Does anyone know much about the MA-PhD Psych/Clinical Psych program at the New School?

    This much I know:

    1. The PhD program is APA accredited
    2. They accept students into their MA program and you can only be considered for the PhD program if you graduate from their MA program
    3. Good training links with Beth Israel Medical Center

    Any comments about reputation etc.? Any idea whether their MA program is highly regarded (they have 3 MA tracks - General Psychology; Substance Abuse; and Research) by other grad schools (i.e. if I decided to go somewhere else more research focused, how would an MA from the school hold up?).

    Also how much does reputation matter in the larger scheme of things for psych grad schools? Is it a struggle to get a decent teaching job if you don't go to the top-x schools? (Seems more important in Psych for you to get a professors whose interests match yours vs. going to a school because it's so-called top-tiered).
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    VERY psychoanalytic/psychodynamic.

    William Barr, PhD, ABPP, a neuropsychologist at NYU Medical Center, went there. You may want to contact him if you're interested in this program and a neuropsych career in an academic medical center.

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