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Jul 5, 2017
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Hi guys,

I'm sitting on 4 waitlists now, but received the AMCAS Fee waiver for this cycle so I'll need some making a school list to maximize my 20 free schools.

Year/Undergrad/Residence: Graduated in May from an OH school as an in-state resident
GPA: 3.96 cGPA/3.93 sGPA
MCAT: 511 (127/127/128/129)
Waitlists: Toledo, Penn State, NEOMED, Ohio State

New Clinical Employment: 1800 hours as a scribe in an oncology clinic. This is my gap year job and the major new addition to my application that I feel lacked clinical exposure last year.

Volunteering (clinical): 200 hours at a hospice

Volunteering (nonclinical): 250 hours serving lunches to homeless community, 100 hours through an after school sports program

Shadowing: 40 hours with a cardiologist

Research: 300 hours through NIDA internship, 200 hours in on campus lab

Extracurriculars: Heavy campus involvement/leadership through Greek life, orientation team, tour guiding, and honor societies

School List:

1. Cincinatti
2. OSU
3. Toledo
4. Wayne State
5. Wright State
8. Temple
10. Thomas Jefferson
11. Buffalo
12. Wake Forest
13. Tulane
14. Tufts
15. Michigan State
16. Medical College of Wisconsin
17. Wisconsin
18. Eastern Virginia
19. VCU

I have 1 more free slot, but I'm also open to swapping out some schools on this list for other ones. I also plan on applying DO this cycle which I did not do last year.
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