New York Medical College - Discussion on all of them

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Nov 16, 2013
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Would I rank a program like that:

I think it depends on how many interviews you have and what your back plan is if you don't match. And what the deficits are in your application. Can you make yourself such a better applicant over a year or two that you will get many more interviews?

Where would I rank it?
I would rank it last, because it seems guaranteed that one would run into problems that involve the probation. Worst problem being the program shutting down...

What happens if a program shuts down?

I always thought that the program places you in other programs. I heard people who were at St Vincent's when it shut down ended up at programs like NYEEI but maybe that's a rumor? I also head when Tulane shut down for Katrina one of the people was placed at Loma Linda.

This brings up the questions: do programs have an obligation to place you even they shut down? Does anyone know what that experience has been like for those who fell victim to that process?