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Apr 23, 2012
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I was wondering if I could please get some advice for summer internship, and MCAT studying plans, etc.

I'm currently a third year, bio major, planning on applying in my 4th year (taking a gap year).
Below are some of my stats:
cGPA: 3.52, sGPA 3.2. I was getting mostly A's , then got C+ for physics II and genetics, hence the dramatic drop in GPA. But my GPA should increase after this semester.

-NIH Summer research internship
-Volunteer at family medicine
-Teaching assistant
-Research at school lab
(I do not have any substantial clinical volunteer or shadowing experience)

I am planning on taking the MCAT this summer. I have started studying last winter, and due to my laziness, did not feel prepared to take the test then. I need a lot of review, especially in physics since I do not have a grasp on the subject.

I have gotten another NIH summer research internship at Bethesda, MD. My question is, for the summer, it is advisable to
A) devote most to all of the time to study for the MCAT for 3 months to ensure a good MCAT score (light clinical volunteering on the side), or
B) would taking on the NIH internship and study for the MCAT at the same time be a better choice.

If I were to choose internship + MCAT, which the internship requires 8 weeks in length, when is a better time to take the MCAT?
1) I've started reviewing since mid March, I could study from May-June without distraction, and take the end of June MCAT, then start internship.
2) Study the MCAT a few hours day during the internship, and then use the last month in August to study and then take the Aug. test

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