Veterinary No response from Tufts school - should I be worried?

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Oct 14, 2011
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. I applied to schools this cycle i got waitlisted at Cornell, and accepted at Liu but my dream school is tufts. Its my in state school and also has a great speciality in exotics. I am also scared to move and would much rather stay at home. I have seen other people get interviews allready but I havent heard back allready and im getting scared. So I wanted to see if I could get feedback and maybe figure out what's up with my application.

I speak two languages
Dual citizenship

Undergraduate degree : Biomedical engineering bachelors in science. Honors: cume laude, and tau alpha pi engineering honors society
Deans list every semester .

My school had a messed up GPA system where a 92 was still a b... so I suffered a bit there , like I would have had a higher GPA in other schools standards. Graduated with a 3.73 GPA

Did some post bacc prerequisite courses with a GPA of 3.9 (3 courses ) i still need atleast one more.

Overall combined GPA of the two universities is 3.75

Experience at time of application:
Animal experience at pet store (caring for animals ) current job 525 hours(although I now realize I forgot to include the hours from 2014 as well 🤦‍♀️)

Animal experience large non vet: therapeutic horse riding center for disabled people -900 hours

Intern Research at veterinsry school (not in the usa- in home country ) - 680 one year 520 other year. Total 1200 hours

Veterinary experience:
Exotic and wildlife intern: 700 hours
Shadowing: 48 hours ( probably more but I didnt keep track well and was planning to do more but then covid hit the country so I couldn't)

I realized I completely undervalued my hours since I was scared that the apps people would call and verify and no one really kept track and id get in trouble. So I valued everything at lower than what it really should be.

I didnt add anything none animal related because i didnt think it was important? I also didn't include anything older than past 6 years because I thought that would be a little extreme. I have done research in the biomedical field , completed projects and developed products, had jobs /extracurricular activities , clubs whatever etc. Own pets, watched them Blabla but I didnt include any of that because I figured schools whould just go " ok how's that important to us " Maybe I was wrong on this part. So feedback on this would be nice as well.
Please let me know if I missed anything.
You have an acceptance already so be more confident. That said there are no guarantees and you should remain patient but prepare for anything including a move. Its not the end of the world.


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Mar 12, 2013
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This whole process is super competitive. You have an acceptance and will be a vet! That’s amazing! Congratulate yourself on that. Just because you haven’t gotten the interview at your dream school doesn’t mean you have anything particularly wrong with your app. Stay confident and keep your head up.
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