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Originally posted by solid snake
Anybody gone to med school with no undergrad degree? Or is it possible?

Otacon on frequency 141.52, come in snake-

It varies. Some schools explicitly say yes you do. Some schools even mandate you finish your grad program before you matriculate. A lot of schools might say you'll need at least 90 something semester hours to apply, which can basically translates into an undergrad degree by then. Somr just ask for your pre reqs as the bare minimum. Its a matter of checking the individual schools you plan to apply to see whats required, but more or less you're pretty much going to have to finish undergrad.

stop kidding around. Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE?!??!

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Jun 21, 2002
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I have visited several med school webpages and although there are some that do accept you without a bachelor's degree it's usually pretty rare. I wouldn't do it after reading the info I've found. Good Luck!:clap:
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Mar 27, 2001
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And if I am not mistaken shouldn't your numbers be very competitive ie gpa,Mcat ec's...? And that is IF they actually accept applicants w/o a degree. I do believe these types of programs are rare,tho. Check with each individual school to be sure.


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Possible, sure. LOTS of things are possible. Is it going to happen for you? Almost definitely not.
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