Aug 15, 2015
Fellow [Any Field]
Foad Elahi MD is very pleased to announce the establishment of the Pain Fellowship, a non-ACGME accredited program, located in Northern California . Fellows will receive didactic, simulation, and hands-on training on a wide variety of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral interventional techniques, including epidurals, facet interventions, interdiscal procedures (including percutaneous discectomy, IDET, Dekompressor, DiscFX, endoscopic discectomy), the mild procedure, sacroiliac procedures (including SI joint injections, Synergy, and Simplicity), sympathetic injections and neurolysis, radiofrequency lesioning (conventional, pulsed, and cooled), cryoneuroablation, regenerative therapy (prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, stem cell), stimulation treatments (SCS and peripheral stimulation), and intrathecal pump implantation and management, as well as training in the interventional treatment of headaches, pelvic pain, and extremity pain. Education will also include opioid metabolism and management, the rational use of adjuvant medications.
The fellows will receive extensive training regarding practice management, including billing and coding, contracting, employment law, and the “nuts and bolts” of setting up and maintaining a pain practice.
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