Non-Clinical Volunteering Question

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Nov 29, 2023
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How important is non-clinical volunteering? I’m 27, I have two kids and I work two jobs. I have about 20 hours total right now for non-clinical. One of my jobs is a Home Health Aide and I’ve accumulated around 7,000 paid clinical hours, with more coming. I am an assistant coach for my son’s baseball team and that is a volunteer position, would that count as non-clinical volunteer hours? I’m just worried about finding the time to get tons of volunteer hours before I graduate when my schedule is already jam-packed. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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That would be non clinical. I was also an assistant coach!
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Given that you are a non-traditional student who should work into your application, maybe in the description of the assistant coach position, tht you are a parent to two children. Your jobs will also be in the Work & Activities section so adcoms will see that you are no slouch and in making a holistic review of your application, may cut you some slack. Being a home health aid does show that you actually "help people" and don't just say that you want to do so. For many traditional students, a couple hundred hours of volunteering with the poor, the aged, the unhoused, etc is the only evidence we have that "wanting to help people" isn't just hot air.
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