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Sep 14, 2013
Non-Traditional, Age 25

BA Psychology, Minor in Chemisrtry

**Cumulative GPA**


**Science GPA**


**MCAT Scores**:



Physical Chemistry Research, specifically quantum mechanics research with computational chemistry on the investigation of energy transfer within biological systems. Not published, but have done one poster with a few undergraduate research conference presentations (~200 hours)

**Volunteering (clinical)**

Volunteer EMT for approximately 2 years while going through paramedic school (~24 hours / week).

Volunteered to assisted CPR and First Aid instructors in low-income communities to provide community outreach and raise public awareness towards emergencies (out of hospital cardiac arrest, etc) on behalf of Emergency Medical Services associations. (~8 hour sessions, 4 times a year).

**Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties**

Shadowed a DO Family Practice for 40 hours.

**Non-clinical volunteering**

Run a full-time animal and farm rescue with my family at our home. We foster dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc until we find them a home.

**Extracurricular activities**

Not really much other than previously listed volunteer activities, I work and go to school both full time (full time nights work, full time days school).

**Employment history**
Worked in an ICU/CCU full time (40 hours / week) as a tech for 2 years.

Currently work two jobs as a Paramedic full time nights (~60 hours / week) for the past 5 years (~10,000 hours combined patient side time) as I support myself through school.

Interested in working in underserved communities. Looking to go MD or DO, no preference!

Thanks for your input!


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May 5, 2015
You should be competitive for a large number of DO programs.

The 502 will be tough for MDs(57th percentile translates to a borderline 26-27 on the old MCAT) and I believe Robert Woods and UMDNJ both have 10th percentile MCATs that are at least 28-29(Cooper Rowan is also probably around there) but you can take a stab at them. Check MSAR and see what schools have 10th percentile MCATs in the 26-27 range and if they take a fair number of OOS perhaps take a stab at them as you have a lot of other things going for you. Off the top of my head without referencing MSAR some schools that might have 10th percentile MCATs that don't exceed 27 could include Oakland, WVU, NYMC, TCMC, Penn State, Quinnipac, Western Michigan, Creighton.

IF you aren't applying until next cycle Seton Hall will be an option and given how new their class will be your MCAT score might be competitive for them. If you aren't applying until next year though and end up deciding you really do want an MD I would strongly recommend an MCAT retake as even bumping your score up to a 508-510 would improve your chances considerably for MD programs.
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Sep 15, 2012
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Your chances for MD are low due to your MCAT but you have a great GPA so it would be worth applying next year to your 3 state MD schools as well as these:
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Western Michigan
Rosalind Franklin
Any new private MD schools that open in 2017 (there may be several-including Seton Hall)
Your main emphasis should be on DO schools and if you apply broadly to at least 12 you should receive several interviews.
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Jun 10, 2010
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That MCAT is close to lethal for MD schools, but fine for DO schools if you apply broadly. Faha's suggestions are sound.