Non-Traditional Applicant (Music Major) Seeking Pre-Med Advice

Jun 2, 2020
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Good afternoon,

As the title states I graduated as a music major and psychology minor. I am returning to school to complete the prerequisites for medical school beginning this summer. I have been fascinated by the health care field for quite some time, attending pre-med club as often as possible in college, shadowing speech language pathologists, physical therapists and volunteering at rehabilitation centers throughout the years. During my last undergraduate semester I visited the pre-med advisor at my university and asked for guidance concerning prerequisites. I decided to take time off from academia and three years have passed. I would like to know if I am prospectively in good standing as a nontraditional student with my education and work background.

My cGPA was 3.58 at a small private university (The majority of my free time was spent practicing and in rehearsals)

I received a full scholarship for my undergraduate degree (If this comes across as boastful, that is not my intention).

I studied under a renowned music professor and performer that is well known in my area of expertise, which is why I picked my university.

I have hundreds of volunteer hours with several organizations that are close to my heart.

I have been involved in several organizations (and still am) in leadership positions.

I currently run my own business teaching private music lessons.

At this point in time I am taking Medical Terminology (albeit not a prerequisite and an easy course) and have signed up for General Chemistry I and General Chemistry I Lab as summer courses and General Chemistry Lecture II, Lab II and Principles of Biology I in the fall through a local community college. I realize that community college credits are not considered the most challenging and am hoping if I take higher level courses at a public university (such as organic chemistry I and II) I will be able to demonstrate my ability. I am currently pursuing the majority of my prerequisites through community college because of price. I did not list my sGPA as I have not taken the majority of prerequisites yet.

Depending on my statement of purpose, MCAT score, sGPA and letters of recommendation, will I have a chance as a non-traditional applicant?

All feedback is appreciated, thank you in advance.
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