Aug 3, 2016
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OK, so here are my stats...

(One thing to know is that I am in no way stopping or giving up on this dream. I thrive on motivation an encouragement, however am a realist an appreciate any help in areas I need work on. Please feel free to leave any advice, comments, insight and experiences below. I am looking to see what else I can do to improve myself. Thank you)

Age: 28
Background: First in family to attend college, not much support but enough to make it work if needed to move.
Status: Single, 2 children.
Experience: Dental assistant since 2011. RDA since 2012 with continues work experience with general dentist
Volunteer: STEM workshops for high-school students, Internship at Hospital for 15 months, Volunteer at outreach dental clinics around California.
Research: Two semesters of a biology internship with a microbiology focus on microbes in oral cavity and
paper that might be published. More research to come.
Other activities: Biology and Spanish tutor at community College, Biomed Club, Pre-dental Society
Major: Biology (Still working on pre-reqs at community college, transferring to a CSU school next year)
GPA: 3.1
Science GPA: 3.7
DAT: will take at end of junior year, beginning to study now

Ok, so here is the big thing. When I first started college, I did not know what I was doing and attended a community college, I've been in and out of community college due to life issues for 6 years. I have many Ws and even Fs on my transcripts, all on easy classes. I am very smart and now succeeding above average in all classes and mostly As in sciences and even tutor now. However I slacked off in my early 20s.

Question? will the admission reps be able to bypass so many Ws and some Fs in my past. I was young and no direction. Overcame obstacles and now am on an upward trend and excelling beyond my peers even with two children and working.

With a rocky academic start and being almost 30 years old, how does my chances look and any recommendations?

Thank You and good luck to all! Remember, never give up on yourself.
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Jun 3, 2015
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How is your science gpa .6 pts higher than your cumulative gpa?


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Jan 25, 2016
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How is your science gpa .6 pts higher than your cumulative gpa?

She is probably accounting for science classes only. My science GPA is higher than my cumulative too.
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