Non-traditional: Do I have a chance? 2.34 uGPA. Where do I go from here?

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    Hello, I am 29 years old and graduated from University of California in 2012. I have a low undergrad GPA of 2.34. My last 60 units GPA is 2.99 with some post-bac work from community colleges. I have been getting A's, except for failing Micro once, since undergrad. Due to my 2.33 uGPA, I decided to apply to nursing schools. I have gotten into a couple of ABSN programs, but there is still a burning desire for me to go to medical school. I have respect for nurses, but I am not being fulfilled academically studying nursing. I find out if I get into the rest of my ABSN programs in a couple of months and I am just not excited. I have calculated that I have to take 125 semester units to bring up my cGPA to a 3.0.

    So where do I go from here?

    I am hoping to get into DO schools or the Caribbean or even University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
    Do I get my ABSN and once I am an RN take my pre-med courses and apply to medical school later? Do I skip nursing school and just start an informal post-bacc right away to remediate my GPA? Do I get a second bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, with hopes of getting in a special master's program, and then apply to DO schools?

    How does grade replacement work for DO medical schools? Are there any post-bacc programs that just take into account your last 60 units GPA? Are there any special master's programs that allow low gpa?

    My end goal is to Anesthesiologist or Psychiatrist. I could see myself working as a Nurse Anesthetist, but I am not into bedside nursing as an RN.



    Chem 1A- D, B (repeated)
    Chem 1B- C
    Chem 1C- F, C
    Ochem A- F, D (repeated)
    G.Bio A - F
    Calc A- C
    Calc B- D/B- (repeated)
    Human Anatomy- A
    Physiology- A
    Microbiology- F, A ( repeated)
    Stats - B
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    As for CRNA, you have to be an ICU nurse for at a minimum of 2-3 years before the CRNA schools will talk with you. So, for you, I'd skip nursing school. I am a nurse and it's not a place I'd be if you already know that's not your goal. You won't even feel as if you know anything until you've been at the bedside for 3 years. I wish it weren't true but it is. I am a former ER nurse that switched to L&D; I'm going from highly experienced to novice, working with a B*&^%chy preceptor that lost her lunch when I tried to take labs from the line already placed in the patient. Trust me, this is not what you want to endure unless you're goal is to be a nurse.

    If you really want to be a physician, then use the grade replacement and do D.O. I think D.O. is a great avenue to become a physician so just do it.
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    As I understand it, DO grade replacement is just what it sounds like. If you get an F the first time then repeat the course and get a B, they look at the B and not the F. It can really bring your GPA up if you repeat the courses you did poorly in and do well the second (or presumably third) time. Whether that's a good option for you depends on how much effort you want to put into this.
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    You need to do an honest self assessment as to whether or not you have the academic chops to get straight A's in sciences from here on out. As of now, you essentially have to retake all your pre-reqs again (except chem 1a). Its doable, but you're going to seriously turn it all around.
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