Jul 18, 2017
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I am still early on prerequisite wise where I question if a dental school would even bother accepting me after looking at my transcript. I graduated high school in 2014, should be going into my senior year of college but I am only barely a junior status and still have 2.5 years left. Community college gpa: 3.9 with 30 credits, 4-year university gpa: 3.41 with 38 credit hours. I have only completed gen chem 1&2 and o-chem 1 BCMP wise.

Backstory: First semester of college I went to a private school, I hated it, transferred at semester to a community college to give myself time to determine where I would complete my bachelor degree (didn't want to rush and transfer to a 4-year university). The 4-year university I was set on was out-of-state, I pay for college on my own so I thought the best choice would be to obtain in-state tuition which meant staying at 5> credit hours per semester for 12 months. After completing the 12 months, I went to the 4-year university for a semester full-time. I irrationally dropped out, and decided to pursue dental hygiene at the community college I had attended previously. The following spring and summer semesters I worked on the prerequisites for dental hygiene, I only attended part-time due to the amount of coursework I had completed I did not need to go full-time. After talking to people in the field, I found out hygiene is an overpopulated career and I should go back to get my bachelor's.

Current/future: We are about ready to start up the fall semester, I will be staying at home taking 2 courses at the community college. I will be strengthening my dental application with shadowing regularly and volunteering while working to save up money to go back to the 4-year university in the spring. I will be on track to graduate in December 2019 with intentions of submitting my dental school application June 2019.

Needless to say, my transcripts don't look the best with the number of times I have jumped around and my part-time status. Would this be a dealbreaker for dental schools regardless of my stats?
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May 29, 2017
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I can't imagine it would be an issue as long as you're capable of providing a reasonable explanation if questioned about it. It's not uncommon to change your field of study or switch schools as you learn more about what you're getting into. Your best bet is always asking an admissions officer of a dental school. I'm confident that they'll tell you something along the same lines as what I've said here but I am not am expert and neither is anyone on here. Always verify with a professional.
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