Medical Non-Traditional Screw Up - Worth it to apply late (DO Only)?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Firstly, thank you for having a forum available for us peons aiming for medical school. I'd like to know how "late" I am in applying? I've applied to ~35 DO schools. So far, have 17 secondaries (Completed most 11/6 and the rest by 11/12). If anyone could shed some light on how my stats hold up in the current (late?) state of the application cycle. Would it have made sense to wait and apply early next cycle?

27, English/IT Double Major, non URM
cGPA: ~2.7 sGPA: 3.2 (Poor early uGPA due to care-taking of disabled parent, but significant upwards trend)
Post-baccalaureate GPA (40 Credits, including 2 masters classes): 3.92
MCAT: 505 (129/123/127/126)
3600+ Hours Clinical Employment/Shadowing MD
600+ Hours Volunteered Undergrad/Masters Research (1.5 Years total)
Working at least ~20 hours/wk fairly consistently since age 16, with multiple leadership positions

@Goro I've heard you're the bee's knees around these parts. If you are available and willing, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for your time, y'all.
Be patient and I think that you'll be getting IIs.

IF you don't have DO shadowing and or DO LOR, get them

IF you're shut out this cycle, consider an SMP.
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