Jul 6, 2020
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Hi everyone, *** sorry about the long story important events to me are high lighted in red, I left out some stuff cause it gonna make this into a long essay***
*** before you read Thank you so much for listening to my story, and thanks to those who provide me with future insight and their opinions***

I just want to share where I am right now and seek some insight for my sitution.
I am a 1st generation Vietnamese Immgrants moved here when i was 7 grew up in a low income community, the nearest hospital was 30 mins across town. My family never have access to healthcare let alone feel safe enough to seek medical help, since my home town is small and over 98% white population. I growing up I develop difficulty navigating the education system in American I failed 5th grade due to lack of attention and never paying attention (always day dreaming). I never seek medical help or anything for that, my parents don’t understand mental issue such as clinical depression and ADD/ADHD is a possibility at all. Both my parents never attended college, to be honest i don’t think they even finished high school as the time period they grew up Vietnam was in the Vietnam War school is not an option. I Joined the navy during my 2nd senior semester under the Delay Entry Program (DEP) due to being young and stupid I was placed as a undesignated for 2 years and served as a Yeoman at a helicopter command Norfolk (administration work) for 2 years (honorable discharge as a 2nd class petty officer). Completed 1 tour in 2018 near the red sea under Operation Inherent Resolve, volunteer during my time in military with Norfolk Zoo, Habitat for Humanity and a few places here and there (30 hours total). After my contract I enrolled into University of Arizona but had some difficulty during my Freshman year and had to take a W for Japanese language, and had a F in Pre-cal (went from 15 credits to 11 credits) gpa were about 2.15-2.4 (1st semester) ended Freshman with a 2.556 Term, 2.8 cumulative. Unfortune for me I have experienced quite a few trouble some situation throughout live, unable to use TA while as a undesignated for 2 years due to restrict requirement, falling into clinical depression, social isolation and basically isolated myself due to being in Deck department and everyone trying to go out drinking and partying (Which is not something I feel like I want). I took some in person class such as Gen chem and nutrition science (gen ed) during my time as a yeoman but the work hours and Workload were to much and i ended up with a C (gen chem) and A for nutrition science at a community college and transfer those.

My experience so far right now are:
Academic Year: Junior classification (senior due to transfer credits)
Major: Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Medical Science UofA (a undergrad program falling under College of Medicine In UofA)
Gpa:3.237 Cum
Term (made Dean’s list with distinction and Academic Year Academic Distinction)
Harmony Hospice volunteer since 2018 (when I 1st moved here for school): with over 100+ hrs
Hospital work As EKG Tech in 2020 (March) - Present
Researcher For Skagg pharmaceutical science (my college pharmacy lab in drug and development) over 1000+ hrs high chance I might get 1 publication out by application time.
Club Activity: Minority Assiocation for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) since freshman year, Treasuer position (2nd year) and now serving as Vice President.
Also part of a small certainty fraternity for social skill development call (Pi Alpha Phi) for 3 years Serving as Vice President.
Part of Physiology club
for a year but stop going because schedule issue with my class and meeting time After 1 year.
4 years active duty
2 years reserves
2 years inactive reserves

By my Graduation time I’m aiming for
GPA:4.0 Term (Dean’s list with distinction and Highest Academic Year Academic Distinction). **the Highest Academic Year Award are given to student with 4.00 GPA for the academic Year.
GPA: 3.55 cum (Cum Laude award for 3.5-3.699 gpa students graduating) <—- university only (exclude all other insitutions)
AMCASGPA calculator (google.com)
Over All: 3.41
Non Science: 3.59
MCAT: 518-520

Volunteer work at (underrepresented community Hispanic Border, Native Tribes and Animal Shelter once COVID die down)
Physician Shadow: Either through online internship or in person (hopefully in person)
Building relationship with my Pre-health advisor LOR from (Psio professor, Sciology Professor, Cancer Bio profressor and pre-health committee)
Eithnicity: Vietnamese, but my family have history of growing up in the Philippines according to my grandparents so i can be identified as either islander or just Asian IDK which one.
Been Studying for MCAT about 9-7 Months (aiming for 518+ Or else i can’t apply and gonna study harder while doing more extracurricular, I love volunteer for Hospice and underserve they always have such wonderful life experience to tell and learn from)
Mentor Program for Behavioral Health Issues Highschool kids and foster (100+ hrs)

Credit Transfer from (a strong upward trend GPA over all from 2.8 —>3.237—> 3.55) even stronger if looking at all credits for each semester but my school exclude those.
3 North Arizona University online
4 Tidewater Community college (in person)
14 military training (Joint Service Transcript)
21 Pima Community College 2 different years summer session (in person and online due to COVID)
99 University of Arizona (almost all in person unless covid decide other wise)
My transcript Red Flags are (Pre-cal fail (1st semester) and W for Japanese), Pima Community College Summer (W for Cal, B physic), 2nd summer Pima (12 credits 4.0 GPA), Transfer from Tidewater Community, Northern Arizona, and University of Phoenix. My school exclude GPA from outside source so my GPA at the School each term goes from 3.429 ->2.566—> 3.00-> 4.0—>4.0->4.0 (freshman –> Senior) But if all GPA included from all institution I’ll get a very strong upward Trend 2.475->3.166->3.40
Grade Flags: F pre-cal —-> D pre cal,—>W Cal—-> A Cal.
: W for Japanese —-> B Spanish —-> A Spanish
:C Gen Chem (community college) —-> B Gen Chem (university retake)
: B O chem 1 ——> A O chem 2
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Nov 1, 2019
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If you can get your GPA up to where you're planning you could definitely apply MD, especially with an excellent MCAT score, but I would apply broadly and include DO if you're interested. Your military service is a pro for sure.
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May 23, 2020
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I agree with the above poster. Your EC's and life experience is strong. The real trick is getting the GPA over the 3.5 hump, that combined with a strong MCAT would show you are able to handle the academic rigors of medical school and if you apply broadly enough, you should be able to get into MD.
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Jul 6, 2020
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Thank you everyone for the strong encouragement and guidance, I will continue to push hard and planning to apply very boardly to 30 school, MD, DO AND Military school.
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