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May 25, 2013
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I'm a resident at Northwell LIJ/NSUH (non-FM), and my SO will be applying for FM residencies in the near future. It's been difficult to find much information on the quality of the Northwell FM residencies. Specifically, does anyone know much about the programs at Glen Cove, Southside, and Plainview? Thanks


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Mar 13, 2015
I rotated at Southside as a medical student for a family medicine elective. Nice hospital. Lots of money. Seemed like solid training. I felt like the culture there was a little malignant though.

I remember attending a lecture and the program director asking "when is it okay to give potassium IV?" and I answered "when the potassium is critically low and the patient can't tolerate anything enteral?" and he was like "WHAT???? NO. YOU NEVER GIVE IV POTASSIUM. THATS HOW THEY KILL PEOPLE" basically making a fool out of me in front of everyone. So I felt like the malignancy was coming from the PD. Not sure if that guy is still there.

Also not sure if that's just every hospital in NY/NJ though because the majority of them I rotated through had a lot of people thinking they were "big shots" for making it in to residency there and usually the PD or some of the higher ups were jerks to their residents.

I ended up doing FM in upstate NY and it was a WAY better culture. My class is like a family, I love all my faculty and I am going to miss my program big time. I know that leaving Long Island is likely not an option, but I would highly recommend choosing a program that has a good culture over one that has a "big name".
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