Not feeling amazingly confident for the NAPLEX...

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May 24, 2009
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Just been studying since March off and on and hitting the big topics. My exam is on the 8th and not feeling all that amazing for it. I have hit several of the big disease states in RxPrep and done the quizzes (~60-70% first try and 90+% second try). I took the MPJE already and passed that. Also did the SDN 120 and got about 90% of those right... darn valency.

A couple reasons I am concerned.
1. My friend studied harder than I did and failed.
2. My other friend studied the night before and passed.
3. Multiple people are telling me I am over studying.
4. I can't remember this stuff very well even with quizzes/reading, and it has me a little worried. I just got destroyed by the depression chapter.

Any suggestions?
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