Jun 9, 2013
I'd like to get advice on the choice I might have to make come January. So far it's only a hypothetical situation since I've already been accepted to Nova, but have two more interviews early January in both UC Denver and Tufts. Based on the tuition, Nova would be the cheapest of the three, but since I'm Florida, I'd love to move to Colorado/Boston if accepted at either one. Here are some facts that I'll be taking into consideration if given the options:

Nova: cheapest tuition (~55K); buying (as opposed to renting in other schools) your own instruments, which later many use in their practice; wouldn't mind moving to South Florida, though the other two locations are much more appealing

Colorado: highest tuition (almost 70K OOS) - anyone know if it's possible to switch to in-state tuition?; ultimate location where I'd love to live in the future; love the outdoors (hiking, skiing); long-term boyfriend lives in Dallas, TX, which would make it easy for us to travel

Tufts: tuition (~65K); have been to the city multiple times and love it, proximity to other cities in the NE; reputation; cheaper flights to Europe/Poland (as that's where I'm originally from and try to visit at least once a year)

Funny enough I've already seen all the schools as I happened to visit Boston and Colorado over the summer. If I'm lucky to get accepted to all three, it's going to be a tough call. Any insight/suggestions/advice?
Nov 21, 2012
Dental Student
Colorado is my in-state school... I am not familiar with much about the other two schools but I figured I could answer what I know about CO. UCD does not allow switching to in-state tuition after the first year (or ever), and instruments at this school are rented. UCD also uses Vital source instead of traditional textbooks or other textbook software. I know a few of the other schools I interviewed at are doing this as well... this could be a pro or a con depending on your preferences.

Also, this dental school is not actually in Denver, so if you are looking forward to city life, you won't find that anywhere near the school. This dental school is actually located in Aurora which is 30+ minutes outside of Denver. Colorado is amazing, I was born and raised here. However, from my interview at Colorado and a pre-dental visit I did at this school, I must say the main thing I'm choosing this school for is the cheap in-state tuition I will get (~$30,000). I do not think Colorado is worth $70,000 a year for someone out of state but that is just my opinion. I have never visited Nova or Tufts though so I guess judging what is "worth it" will ultimately come down to you

Hope this helped a little!