Sep 22, 2019
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Hey everyone!
I'm currently trying to decide between these two schools.
The things that are most important to me are cost, location, and quality of education.

I know the Midwestern-Az has a higher tuition, but it seems like NOVA has more fees/having to pay for your own equipment, which makes it seem like it comes out to roughly the same price? At least according to the ADEA explorer, which puts Midwestern at around a 120k per year total cost, and NOVA at a 123k per year total cost. (If these numbers are wrong, and one school is actually significantly cheaper than the other, please let me know as this is a big deciding factor for me)

Additionally, I've never been to either city so I cannot attest to what it's like to live in either, but Fort Lauderdale does seem to be a bit nicer in that regard (ocean side, etc.) Any input on the quality of life in either of these places would be amazing.

And most importantly, the quality of education. I've mostly heard better things about the education at Midwestern-Az, but both seem to be good schools in this regard from what I can tell? I know Midwestern has a stronger clinical program, which is a huge plus. I also know that they don't have speciality programs. I am completely undecided as of right now whether or not I want to specialize, but it is something I would be open to in the future.

If anyone has any input or information regarding any of these areas for either of these schools, that would be super helpful to me! I'm completely torn.
Aug 1, 2019
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  1. Pre-Dental
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